Before You Buy An Anti Tarnish Jewelry Box

Published: 29th June 2009
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Do you need an Anti Tarnish Jewelry Box?
Your method of storing silver jewelry is crucial.
Sterling silver jewelry must be kept in a dry place away from sunlight and heat. Silver should be placed where each individual piece has space without touching other jewelry under or on top of it. This causes better air while protecting it from scuffs and other tarnish helpers.

Do not encase your silver in card, paper, plastic or cotton as these contain compounds that will tarnish your jewelry swiftly. Rubber of any type, even elastic bands, will tarnish silver at a fast rate.

The truth is you don't need a "tarnish proof" or "anti tarnish jewelry box" to keep your jewelry in.

Personally, I will not own a jewelry box with an anti tarnish lining. Why? Anti tarnish fabrics like the ones employed in jewelry boxes are generally chemically coated. As with all painted linings, the coatings wear, corrode or even evaporate over time. I am concerned that chemicals coat jewelry and from there ends up on your ears, on your hands or around your neck and a portion of that coating is certain to be passed on. to your skin. Even if minute particles are transferred, who can claim that you aren't allergic to that particular substance or can be made ill by it. For cooking items and cutlery these treated linings are fine as you will usually wash the compounds away before using them. Worst still, some linings can actually cause tarnish. They carry sulphur and chloride and can do your jewelry more harm than good. Most don't but, how you store and care for your jewelry makes a difference.

So what now?
Well, some anti tarnish jewelry boxes are not chemically handled. There are some materials that contain minute specks of silver in them that absorb the sulphur gases and will look after silver for an entire life. If you know the lining is not chemically treated yet still anti tarnish then great. If you are not sure there are other options that most people are not aware of and the best part is tha you are not limited to style, color or make of jewelry box to use these products. Your silver can be protected while you own the jewelry box you desire, without any compromise at all.

How to turn any jewelry box into an anti tarnish jewelry box:

Follow the rules above and use one or 2 of the ideas at the link below for anti tarnish storage of your precious jewelry. All are inexpensively available on the Internet, or from a local jeweler, hobby shop and some are even free. Also all are safe and don't emit fumes, chemicals, gases or vapors.

Causes of tarnish and corrosion in Jewelery:
Damp air, naturally emitted sulfur from silver, chemicals in clothing, food (onion, egg, oil based products, salt, milk, vinegar, acidic foods ) wool, felt, rubber based products(rubber bands), latex, skin oils, makeup, perfume and hair products (gel, hair spray, hair color) and more.

Go here for the anti tarnish jewelry box storage guide

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